Rashid & Hamad A. Al-Tamrah Trading Co. (Abbr. Tamco), was established in 1950 importing electronic spare-parts for radios, tape-recorders, and gradually it picked up on import of electrical finished products.
Tamco is currently introducing high quality products from manufacturers in Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Taiwan, China, and Indonesia such as Clarion, Japan(car-stereos), Nippon Antenna, Japan(Antennas & Boosters) and Nippon Keidenki Works, Japan (Stac brand auto-voltage regulators) with confidently holding of distributorships for decades.

Tamco is also introducing original brand products. By Samsung and Goldstar factories during 1990s, Tamco bland color televisions were started manufacturing and till now being manufactured in Korea. Beside color televisions, Tamco also supplies their products from Korea such as Tam-cool brand, Suzu brand, and Tamco-Hanel bland from Vietnam. All these brands are exclusively owned by Tamco.

Our main Show-Room is located in Al-Ghorabi Street in Riyadh and the branch in Al-Hamad Center, in Jeddah. Our customer service net work extends to more than 600 points.

Tamco's prime policy of quality orientation and customer satisfaction has paved a long way of growth to Tamco. We always deeply appreciate customers, suppliers, distributors and supporters who have given us the opportunities to serve in the field of electronics and wish to have the continuous support.

Company Name:
Rashid & Hamad A. Al-Tamrah Trading Co. (abbr. Tamco)
Head Office:
Al-Tamrah Bldg., Al-Ghorabi Street
PO Box 555 Riyadh 11421 Saudi Arabia
Vice President:
Rashid A. Al-Tamrah
Hamad A. Al-Tamrah
Major Operations:
Importing and Supplying Electric Products

Central Region Head Office & ShowRoom
Rashid & Hamad A. Al-Tamrah Trading Co. (Tamco)
Mailing Address:
PO.Box 555 Riyadh 11421 Saudi Arabia
Al-Tamrah Building, Al-Ghorabi Street
+966-1-409-0000, 1-404-0792


Western Region Office & ShowRoom
Rashid & Hamad A. Al-Tamrah Trading Co. (Tamco)
Mailing Address:
PO.Box 16953 Jeddah 21474 Saudi Arabia
Al-Hamad Center, Sourthern Market
+966-2-648-2824, 2-648-1363