Rashid A. R. Al-Tamrah
CEO & President
Hamad A. R. Al-Tamrah
CEO & Vice President

Rashid & Hamad A. Al-Tamrah Trading Co., (Tamco) can trace its roots to 0000, an international trading company established in 1950, by our brothers, Rashid & Hamad A. R. Al-
Tamrah, with exporting, selling and repairing transistor radios and their parts such as circuits and fuses.
Since our company was established, the slogan of the company is "To promote the brotherhood of man, world peace, universal happiness, justice and humanity through foreign trade".
For more than 50 years, we have been active in the foreign trade area and helped to foster global economic development and to enrich the lives of people throughout the world.

Today, with our feet firmly planted on the ground we are developing our company based on the trust, achievements, experience, and knowledge accumulated by our predecessors. Our finger is on the pulse of the world economy and we closely monitor the increasingly diversified needs of the public which enables us to forecast trends and enter emerging new fields swiftly and decisively to expand our business operations.

At the 21st century, dramatic advances in information and telecommunications technology are completely transforming the social and economic structures of society. Tamco do continue to develop and upgrade capabilities as a trading company, in response to emerging needs and the changing environment of the times. We shall provide products and services that enable industry to enrich the everyday lives of people.